mkTR Professional 2nd roll servo option


  • Model: PS1-mktrPro-roll-option
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This is the roll pushrod lever for the mkTR Pro.  By adding another one of these and a roll servo (HS-225MG or HS5245 not included) you can double the servos for roll. 

This will eliminate servo backlash but adjusting the control horn slightly longer or shorter than the 1st servo.  This creates a differential in travel between two servos effectively working one servo slightly against the other which eliminates backlash. 

Also the total torque for roll is doubled.

This is the pushrod lever M3x6 screw, bearing shim, and servo mounting hardware only.  Servo is not included.  You will need to additionally purchase another roll servo to match your existing servo.  Either a HS-225MG or HS5245 which are NOT included with this item.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 21 September, 2011.