Trex 800 DFC 3X Pro v3

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PhotoShip One brings you the Trex 800 DFC 3X Pro v3. The lightest 3 axis camera gimbal (1.3lb – 590g) capable of carrying cameras as large as a Canon 5D/7D or even the Panasonic AF100 (for larger cameras see our 3X Pro HD). It is in use today by some of the industries to professionals.  We have sold over 400 3X Pro systems in the last 3 years. This system includes all hardware required to attach to a Trex 800 DFC airframe.

The 3X Pro v3 is an improved design of the 3X Pro v2. The 3X Pro v3 is a 3 axis camera mount system. The pan, tilt, and roll axis are controllable via a standard RC airplane/helicopter controller. The 3X Pro v3 uses RC servos (included) which are controlled via pulse width modulation (pwm) with a sweep of 900us-2100us. The servos are 360 degree modified for continuous rotation. We have two servo options available (standard & high performance).

The roll arch rides inside of eight precision flange bearings. There is zero play or slop in the roll axis. Tilt axis is contained within the roll axis allowing for electronic stabilization.

The 3X Pro v3 is most commonly used with RC helicopters.  We have other mounting solutions for Trex 600E & 700E, Trex 700 DFC, Logo 600, Logo 600SE Carbon, Gaui X7, and Maxi Joker 3.

The 3X Pro v3 is fabricated from CNC machined and anodized aluminum. It is able to fit cameras such as Canon 5D/7D, Sony FS100, Panasonic AF100, Red Epic, and similar sized cameras.  An optional camera tray upgrade is available and recommended for cameras over 3lb (1.4kg) weight.

The pan & tilt axis are gear driven with a 6:1 gear ratio for smooth motion. Roll axis is belt driven with 7:1 gear ratio. Adjustable gear mesh on pan/tilt allows for slop free, low backlash setting. Gear pitch is 48. Servo pinion gear 20 tooth, main gear 120 tooth. 1/4″ gear face thickness offers durability.

The roll axis utilizes an MXL series toothed timing belt.  Servo to roll axis reduction is 7:1.  Smooth, slop free, and precise motion is easily achievable. Roll pulley axle is double bearing supported.

Standard adjustable camera tray is capable of accepting most DSLR cameras similar in size to Canon 5D, Nikon D800.  Other cameras such as Red Epic, Sony FS100, and Panasonic AF100 also fit but it’s recommended to use the upgraded Carbon/Aluminum Tube Camera Tray (below). Standard tray is adjustable by 20mm in vertical dimension to allow for camera center of mass to align with tilt axis.

All of the parts of the 3X Pro are precision machined in the USA by certified aerospace industry machine shop facilities. Tolerances on parts are very tight allowing for strong and light structures that stand the test of time. Aluminum parts on the 3X Pro are anodized to protect against corrosion increase surface hardness and offer visual appeal.

We have several optional upgrades for the 3X Pro v2.  These upgrades offer better performance when using electronic stabilization and/or cameras heavier than 3lb (1.4kg).

The High performance Servo option replaces the standard analog servos with titanium gear high resolution/high speed digital servos. This is beneficial when using an electronic stabilization device for rapid servo response and accurate positioning.

The Heavy Duty Pan Shaft now STANDARD with the v3 and is beneficial when using cameras over 3lb in weight.  The Heavy Duty Pan Shaft has 150% greater bearing surface area and is 220% more rigid. This keeps the 3X Pro v3 from flexing at the pan axis when a heavy camera/lens is used.  Also the shaft is hollow instead of solid as the standard shaft is.  This allows wires to be run through the shaft from the helicopter without the worry of tangling them when panning the gimbal.  A benefit when running power or video signal wires from the helicopter to the camera.

The Carbon Fiber/Aluminum Fully Adjustable Camera Tray upgrade is well worth the additional cost.  If you will be using a camera over 4lb it is HIGHLY recommended . It offers complete adjustability to allow for many lens combinations while stile allowing the camera center of mass to align with the tilt axis.  It is also at least 4x as rigid as the standard camera tray which means less flexing and wobble of the camera in turbulent wind conditions or rough vehicle motion.


Our newest upgrade option is the CNC aluminum FMTS clamp.  The stock FMTS glamp is made from G10 sheet.  The upgrade is heavy duty machined aluminum.  This offers a more rigid connection to the FMTS tubes and is much more aesthetically pleasing. 



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