Trex 600E 2XPT

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  • Model: PS1-2XPT-T600
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  • Manufactured by: PhotoShip One

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The Trex 600 2XPT is a front mounted camera system for the Align Trex 600E helicopter. It comes with a 2 axis camera gimbal for pan and tilt camera motion. The camera gimbal can accommodate cameras as large as some full frame DSLR's. (Similar in size to a Nikon D300 or Canon 5D). It can also accept smaller point and shoot type cameras or HD video cameras.

The Lower camera gimbal plate is multi-position adjustable in the vertical axis to allow the pivot point of the plate to line up with the camera center of gravity. The 2 axis gimbal and upper oil damper mounts can be adjusted fore & aft on the front mount tubes to allow for CG and leverage arm tuning depending on the mass of camera used.

The Trex600E 2XPT comes standard with two 2lb. Lord vibration isolators mounted to the rear of the front mount tubes to help reduce helicopter vibrations from reaching the camera. For heavier cameras or more firm tuning, optional 4lb. (medium) or 8lb (hard) isolators can be purchased. The front of the front mount is supported by two silicone oil dampers.

Even though the Trex600E 2XPT has built in vibration isolation it is still VERY important that your helicopter be as vibration free as possible if you plan to use this system for video shooting. This can mean you may spend several hours fine tuning your helicopter. For still photo shooting this is much less critical.

You will need to trim your stock battery tray and you will need to mount your batteries further aft to counter the camera weight up front.

The servos included are continuous rotation servos and do not respond like typical proportional servos.  Continuous rotation servos operate in "Rate Mode", meaning the rate at which the output wheel rotates is proportional to the amount of stick deflection on the transmitter.  If you move the stick all the way to one direction the servo will rotate continuously at maximum speed.  If you move the stick 50%, the servo will rotate at about half speed.   When you let the stick go the servo stops.  It DOES NOT return to any set position like a proportional servo.  This may take a bit of getting used to if you have not used continuous rotation servos but once you understand how they work it is rather easy to operate.

Also we'd like to mention that the 2XPT front mount systems are best operated by a second person and not the pilot.  Flying the helicopter is difficult enough let alone trying to operate a pan/tilt gimbal at the same time.  It is recommended that a separate camera operator man the controls of the camera gimbal.

NOTE - This is for the Align Trex600E frame design.  It should also work with 600GF & 600ESP but may require minor trimming of brackets and/or drilling some 3mm holes in the helicopter frames.


Weight 1.5lb.
Cameras up to 3.0lb
5:1 gear ratio both axis
Hitec Robot servos included

Made from Aluminum & G10 Composite

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